What is BitSetting?

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today I read something about BitSetting at the Recording Hardware Forum. So my question is what is BitSetting?

Taken from this thread.

Bitsetting program
This tool allows you to burn your DVD+R discs with the DVD-ROM book type. Why would you want to do that? Well some set top DVD players as well as the xbox/ps2 will not read DVD+R discs. This usually isn’t because they can’t read them, but because the manufacturer set the player to block the +R book type! This tool will greatly increase compatibility with more set top DVD players.

The CDFreaks thread about this tool can be found here.

LiteOn now official supports the tool and has a direct download to the newest version on their website. Download it here.

Note: Only the 411S/451S/811S/851S with firmware FS0G/GSB7/HS0J/GS0A work with this tool (listed firmwares are the earliest versions that will work, any firmwares that have been released since then will work as well).

thanks a lot for your quick reply womble, think I got it:)