What is bitsetting & book type?

i just buy the HP 420i and flash with this 2k5107v2b5.

i try to look for DL disc local (MALAYSIA) but can’t get, so how much is the $ for a DL disc in USD?

can someone explain what is bitsetting & book type???

Hi there!

You might want to try this:

the cheapest I’ve seen DL media is $8.30/ea(6 for $49.95) at www.sonystyle.com.
As for booktype/bitsetting, my understanding is that this makes set-top DVD players recognize a DVD+r disc as a DVD-ROM, which is what a retail DVD is. This is done because of the incompatibility of +r with some older set-top players. If this is wrong, the powers-that-be will soon correct me. :slight_smile:

best always to try the FAQ:

What is bitsetting or booktype?

Read THIS!