What is BITSETTING? and what are the PROS and CONS?

…answering this would shed some light on the although of threads I see regarding this feature — knowledge is power, thanks!

Another newbie here, no offence SlickVision, but I have seen this bitsetting mentioned in so many threads and I don’t know what it means either, so it would be nice to know.

All DVDs (burnt and pressed) have a ‘booktype’. Standalone DVD players and PC DVD drives can read this booktype and thereby detect what type of disc is loaded. DVD-ROM and DVD-VIDEO discs are cannot have their booktype modified (obviously) and DVD-R discs also cannot be changed because the area of the disc where the booktype is written already has information put there during manufacturing. On the other hand, DVD+R discs can be written to in this area of the disc, and so, bitsetting is the process of writing a DVD-ROM booktype to this area instead of a DVD+R booktype. Some older standalones which refuse to play anything but the ‘official’ DVD standards can thereby be fooled into playing DVD+R.

I know searching returns a bunch of results that have nothing to do with defining the process, but more detailed information is out there if you dig a little deeper.

btspm hit the nail right on the head. i’ll just add that the booktype can be changed for dvd+rw discs as well, and that i see no cons to doing this. if you have a bitsetting-capable burner, you should always change the booktype for dvd+r discs to dvd-rom for maximum compatibility. changing the booktype for dvd+rw discs to dvd-rom can sometimes make it so that OTHER dvd burners can’t erase/rewrite onto the disc; the drive that burned it can still use it properly though.

Ummmm… interesting…
So when using a DVD+R can you specify when writting to a disk what the booktype is?
Is that what bitsetting is? Are there extra features in the recording software (ie Nero)for this or is there a separate utility that you can set as a default to your burner with the bitsetting enabled??

As you can tell, I only use DVD-R… haven’t ventured into the +R yet in fear that every DVD player won’t be able to read it. But with this, bitsetting, would this not be an issue any more?

BTW, i’ve updated me SONY DVD RW’s firmware (VY05) to enable bitsetting — if there is an utility that I must use, what is it and where can I find it?

Hopefully its pretty cut and dry — that way I can get those Verbatim Movie-Reel style DVD+R’s i’ve been dodging!!! …if by setting the booktype to DVD-ROM would make the discs readable on virtually any player?

Cool beans!!
Now that i know what bitsetting is and understand it, I was able to find a thread that addresses more questions about my particular writer!!


Coool!!! :bow:

So probably my last question still would be…
Would enabling bitsetting to DVD-ROM for +R’s make the DVD readable on vitually ALL DVD READERS?


Basically yes, but with two caveats:

  1. Because all burnt DVDs have lower reflectivity, some standalone players will have problems that have nothing to do with the booktype. But if you have been using DVD-R with those same players before, it probably won’t be an issue.

  2. Your drive may burn DVD+R better or worse in terms of write quality than DVD-R. I know my Lite-On does significantly better with DVD+R in general than with DVD-R; it’s conceivable that the opposite could be true with some drives. Of course, if you’ve been burning for very long, you know you could also run into this problem just changing what blank media you buy. Just something to keep in mind.