What is better? Ritek G05 or RITEK R03? (for a NEC 3500)

What is better? Ritek G05 or RITEK R03? (for a NEC 3500).

The discs are sold as “Traxdata” (AAA grade, i supose).

I always had good luck with the R05 @ 8x in my NEC 2510A

:expressionless: you gotta be joking. What firmware did u use, what tests did you do on the burned discs? i (and many others) have only had poor results @ 8x in the 2510, but nice results @ 4x.

In the 3500 i hear the results are far better @ 8x and even 12x

There is quite a bit of information on variable G05 quality, especially in Europe. When I have good G05, they are very good in the 3500. Just a note, they burn better at 8X than at 4X.

2.17 firmware, not outstanding results, but not awful either. They play in any DVD player I’ve tried.

I would go for the 8x DVD-R Traxdata’s (Ritek G05). In my experience the Traxdata branded discs are generally of good quality.

The reason is pretty obvious if you look below. It is not easy to get a better burn than this one, even on expensive media, and I don’t think a Ritek R03 can beat it (I haven’t got Ritek R03’s so I can’t say for sure) …


  1. You can get the same nice burns starting with FW2.18 (or newer).
  2. Earlier FW’s were not this good (e.g. 2.27, 2.16).
  3. With 2.TB you can also burn this media at 12x, but I haven’t tried it yet.

So, here we go …

Traxdata 8x DVD-R, 25pk spindle, RITEKG05 @ 8x (NEC3500, FW 2.TB):

Burn time: 9:42 min


I have been using the Ritek 8x -R’s (G05) in both my 3500’s for over 180 burns without a coaster - am very happy with it-


Definately G05. There is a reason for the fact that half of the R03-discs are sold as 4x ones…

Agree on that. I get very consistent burns with my Traxdata branded RiTEK-R03´s.
Attaching my latest burn at 8x. Firmware; Liggy/Dee-27 2.TB, burned with DVD Decrypter, burntime 9:52. :slight_smile: