What is best recording software for DVD?

I used DVDShrink to backup a movie of mine kids watch all the time. Thing is I have been using IMG Tools to burn movies. This seems to work with DVD-R but not with DVD+R. Think it is the issue of it using the Nero ASPI driver.

Is there a program that uses the system ASPI (i recently upgraded it to 4.71)? Tired of coasters and want to resolve this problem.

I am using a Liteon SOHW 812S with USOQ firmware from the manufacturer.



Its probably down to the book type of +R. U need to set to dvd-rom
Various tools around to do it.

DVDShrink I understand it uses Nero to burn a DVD, so it is almost the same as if you used Nero. I had some troubles with Nero, when the quality of the media wasn’t great it produced coasters, but since I use RecordNow DX 4.6 I can burn even some crappy media. You can try to use the program and check for yourself.

Will try the RecordNow DX 4.6 out and see how it does. If I can find it.

Also will try the Booktype thing to see how it does as well.


Well using IMG Tools 1.1.5 and changing booktype to dvd-rom has helped solve my problem. All burns have been good so far and do manage to play on home dvd player. Sucks some of this stuff has to be such a pain in the neck