What is best readable CDRW media?

because i make winxp installation cd w/ custom hot fixes and programs with help from www.msfn.org so far i’ve wasted about 100 cdr.s in two months, and i don’t think my wallet will be happy if this keeps up.

i’ve tried using CDRW (memorex and sony) but reading of cdrw is so much slower than of a cdr.

and, most of the time, some readers are not able to read some files from a cdrw, thus leaving me nowhere but to turn to trusty fuji cdr.

so if anyone knows a cdrw media that you thought rivals compatibility of a cdr, please share your info i’d really appreicate it, and so will my burner and wallet.

happy holidays all

It would help to know what burner you use, and what media type has NOT worked. Generally, Maxell CDRW is pretty good, and Verbatim. If you have a LiteOn drive, Verbatim 24x CDRW is pretty good, and fast. But reading speed should not be affected unless you use an old or weird drive, they should read at 40x.

burner i have is nec 3500a , i also have samsung sm348b combo drive collecting dust atm.

i’m thinking of buying samsung combo drive (52x). only $40 at newegg. to me, cdr burning is much smoother w/ samsung than w/ NEC.

i’ve had verbatim cdrw,sony, memorex,liteon, and junk GQ.

i liked verbatim best, but that was about 7 years ago… i’ll try verbatim again.

btw. do you know place that sells 32x cdrw 80min disc?