What is best + or - media? please help

which media is best? and who makes the best disks, was thinking of getting verbatim 16x + DVDR media is that any good?

get the DVD+R if you want to play on older machines. Use bitsetting, and your DVD+R will play in everything. A few years ago the DVD-R was more compatible, but that’s not the case today.
Verbatim 16x is premium media, you will love it. Also any Fuji (Made in Japan) is fantastic.

Uh you got it backwards. DVD-R tends to be more universal in older units. However it is pretty much a moot point these days provided your burner supports the adjustment of the booktype. Bottom line a quality DVD-R and a quality DVD+R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM will both serve you very well. I personally prefer -R but that is because I do videogame console backups and a quality -R disc tends to be a little more universally compatible across all machines/drives.

I second that - DVD-R is cheaper, works in more drives and no worries about ‘bit setting’ or any such rubbish.