What is best looking DVD media for You?

So, I am interesting to know what people think what DVD media (doesn’t matter is it - or +) looking best (nicest) to You.
For me it is Ridata DVD+R 4x blue always right…
Let’s hear Your opinions…


I don’t mean this. I want to know what media physicaly looks nice (label on DVD)…


tdk 16x dvd+r and dvd-r - nice smooth looking finish on the label side.

Most brand that use matt silver aspect that you can find on silver printable dvd, Traxdata, Verbatim.
I like light colour like TDK dvd or verbatim pastel range

emgeton “oxygene” look is pretty nice.

definitely NOT Fujis…TDKs are nice, and actually, i like Memorex tops…

i like verbatim digital movie dvd’s looks like a film reel.


My favorite too-eh!


Maxell - gold & green :clap:

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: LOL :bigsmile: :bigsmile: (Ooops, you’re actually joking, right? No offence intended :o )

I mean I think Maxell discs are the most terrible-looking discs I ever had (which doesn’t prevent me from using lots of them, though :cool: )

I find these kinda cool http://www.ukdvdr.co.uk/shop/product.php?productid=17645&cat=295&page=1&xid=679e42d6dab44ca533154764fa0d4609 but woudln’t use them!

My favorites are Verbatims: simple, clean, pure, classy :slight_smile: