What is best for new Benq burner IDE Channel



My system at the moment has:
200g drive Primary IDE master
80g drive slave primary IDE slave

Plextor cd burner Secondary IDE master
Liteon dvd-reader secodary IDE slave

Not sure which is best to remove and where it should go on the secondary IDE… From reading the forum seems that the BenQ is best as secondary IDE master, but not sur eif I should remove plex and keep liteon dvd reader, or keep plextor.

And thanks to all for answering all my newbie questions and I :bow: to everyones expertise :clap:


If you burn more CDs than you rip DVDs then keep the plextor, The benq will burn CDs okay but you’d probably extend it’s lifespan by using the CD drive for CDs. If you are a DVD fiend then keep the liteon.


If you want to keep them all, and have a spare bay and a spare PCI slot, then you could look at an extra controller.

If your motherboard happens to have a RAID controller, you could move the hard drives to it in non-raid mode.


Guess I’d replace the Plextor with the BenQ making the BenQ the Second IDE Master, assuming that the Lite-on Reader is a fast reader with low access times.


this config works but is very slow, I have it on mine, but to be honest I agree with Bob the bored. the lite-on is a good DVD reader but not much faster than any other.