What is best firmware for benq dw1655?

I just picked up a BenQ dw1655 from compusa. Can anyone tell me what the best firmware for benq dw1655?

It very much depends on the media you are burning. If you post that, you should get some responses.

I plan on using RITEKF1 DVD-R.

Most people here have a very, very low opinion of Ritek media for good reasons. If you still want to use it, I would use the latest firmware available to give yourself the best chance.


Given that BenQs can vary, you will want to try one and then scan, and then try another one.

However, you should strongly consider some quality media. MCC or TY media is much better.

ok thx. I bought 100 fijifilm dvd-r at best buy. =/ I will invest in verbatim dvd-rs next.