What is AWS?

Pardon this newbies ignorance… but what is AWS?




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No not at all Mr. Belvedere… Thanks for the info!:bow:

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No not at all Mr. Belvedere… Thanks for the info!:bow:

You’re welcome.

If you want to know what the hell is meant by Amplifying Weak Sectors i’d recommend surfing a couple of hours through the CloneCD Forum and on the elby website.

AWS is a software trick used by CloneCD (and others but then it is called ‘bypass EFM error’ or ‘Sector Amplification Method’ or ‘Betablocker’) to fool the SafeDisc guard module which looks for the existence of readable weak sectors. A lot of writers cannot write readable weaksectors, for these devices AWS/Betablocker was invented.

Look in the CloneCD supported hardware list at the CloneCD site to find out how many sheep your writer has.

very new at this

i tried backing up bf1942 with alcohol 120. i selected SafeDisc 2 as the Datatype. I tried it with both with ‘bypass EFM error’ enabled and disabled. both turned out coasters.

during the read phase i did get ‘Disk Read Error at xxxx’ where xxxx = some numbers. i am reading from a cd-rom. Lite-On LTN483S 48 max (1:0)

during the write phase i got a ‘Not enough Memory! Adjust memory buffer size to 90 mb’ error. i checked and its set at 127 mb. my cd writer is a Lite-On LTR-16102B (1:1)

i checked and the cdr is 2 sheep.

is it my cd-rom? i have others i can use or i can just use the cdrw drive?