What is auth.dll?


I have found “auth.dll” in some of DVD ripping software.

What is this DLL / what it does?


There was a post on afterdawn forum by sefy that stated the following hope it helps.

auth.dll is what helps the program to authenticate the DVD so it can access the VOB files,

I went to google and ask what is auth.dll and there is a lot about in unlocking the drive so the program can use it but sefy seem to give the best answer at to what it is. It is a same there is not a site you can go to and input a dll by name and get a description for it.

Hello samlar,

thanks for your reply, I found this thread too:
however the links are dead and I am interested in finding more about auth.dll from developer point of view.

p.s: is this the correct forum to ask for and get best answers? if no, can anyone redirect me to more appropriate forum?

good site for answers to burning questions but like I said I do not know any site that really gives alot of info on dlls I would like to know that myself more than once I have tried to find out what a dll is for only to find nothing.

Here’s a good all-around site I use for processes/dll searches (see here). It doesn’t have auth.dll listed there, but this site usually has almost everything I have running explained onsite. :wink:

Here’s the afterdawn link. :wink:

Here’s also a link if you want the actual auth.dll for some reason. :wink:

The auth.dll obviously relates to encoding/converting to another format. Here’s a link, complete with a short list of programs if you’re doing some encoding/conversion. It’s what “authenticates” the DVD, so when it fails, use WinDVD or PowerDVD to play the DVD to “unlock” it, or to get around the problem with the auth.dll. See here. :wink:

Ok, I’ve dug enough on Google and read enough–my eyes are crossed!!! :eek: :doh: This will hopefully answer all your questions and help future users (if this problem is still a modern-day one, as all those posts were generally dated 2003-2004 :cop: .)

Yes I been there but still does not give much on alot of the programs or dlls but better than nothing.

I don’t think so, after research it appeared that auth.dll is mainly responsible for authenticating the drive only.
encoding and decrypting is done in a separate module.

samlar, this is the only info I could find for developers about auth.dll :

Drive Authentication dll

VB call examples:

'1 step) Authentication
’0=auth fails

Declare Function authentication Lib “auth.dll” (ByVal drive_char As String) As Integer

'2 step) Get drive region

Declare Function driveregion Lib “auth.dll” () As Integer