What is an easy to use software to convert avi to the appropriate dvd file?

I’ve just got my dvd burner and label maker/applicator… but i dont have any software.
I want to take avi files, convert them into whichever files needed to burn onto a dvd, and then also make labels/stickers etc…

my questions are:

What is an easy to use software to convert avi to the appropriate dvd file?
What is the best software for burning the file to dvd?
I have the blank labels/stickers & an applicator, but where do I get the pictures to print the design on them(so they look like real movies)? and is there a software i need for that?
Also, where in the whole process do you make the menu for the movie so you can navigate through it on dvd? and do i need software for that ? :frowning:

BTW, i am looking for free softare for all the above if its possible.

I found some of the above already, but couldnt get it to work. I had a 700mg movie, converted it to a dvd file ( I think ) , then burned it to dvd. But the dvd did not work.

Here is a pretty good video converter that I have used in the past.
Video converter

With this converter you can convert AVI, Mpeg1 or 2, WAV, AC3 and other formats to any format you want. You can even take a DVD (VOB file) and convert it to WAV for the audio only portion of the DVD. It is pretty easy to use and doesnt cost much.

Making menus
As far as making menus and what not I can highly recomend using a software called DVDLAB which is very good for doing just what you want. With DVDLAB you can create menus, scene selections, chapters, slideshows even put in background music for the menus you create. DVDLAB can burn the DVD you create directly or create an image of the dvd that you can burn with Nero. DVDLAB demos can be found here:

The video converter listed above is only $35.00 so it’s not free but it does convert a lot of different formats. DVDLAB is also not free but it is the only one I am familiar with that can do what you want. I have heard people creating menus in adobe photoshop and creating links to movie files but I have never done that myself. Try the demo of DVDLAB to see if it’s worth the money and time.

Don’t do it! :a I have found that paper labels are nothing but a nightmare. They come off the discs and can really mess your player/recorders up. Even if they don’t come off inside the player they can throw the balance off. I would recomend going for the inkjet printable DVD’s as they are not much more money than the non-printables. You would however need a printer to print the labels on the DVD’s. The good news is that these printers come with software for this purpose and the software will allow you to capture pictures off the internet. I hope this helps you out as far as the cost for all the above it is a bummer but I am not sure you will find a FREE solution.