What is a reliable scanner?

What is a reliable scanner?
Could you name a few please? Lite-On?
I am going to buy some blank DVDs and thought to order another dvd writer as well.

PIE/PIF scans do not measure an absolute value, but only the relative number of errors that the drive encounters while reading the disc.
But if I understand correctly what you mean, LiteOn and Plextor may be good choice.

When members of this board talk about a “reliable” scanner, they generally mean two things:

[B]1. [/B]A scanner that reports PIE/PIF in a way that can be compared with the scans posted in the CDFreaks reviews.

This includes most Lite-On burners, recent Benq burners (which are rebadged Lite-On drives) and very recent Samsung drives (182/83/84, 202, 203), in which scans should be performed @4X or @8X.
There is a less clear consensus around scans from older Benq burners (1620/1640/1650). Some consider them as reliable and others as not reliable. There are solid arguments supporting both positions. The usual consensus on the board is that the scans must be performed @8X in these older Benq drives
Plextor burners are widely considered as excellent and very reliable scanners, though the way they report can’t really be compared with what Lite-On drives report.

[B]2. [/B]A scanner which is consistent, i.e. which doesn’t give wildly different results in each consecutive scanning pass with the same disc.
This excludes most Pioneer and NEC burners.

I personally agree 100% on point #2 put not at all on point #1. The reasons why I think differently than the majority of the board (though I’m not really alone on this) are too complicated to be explained here. There are several threads dedicated to such discussions and the debate is neverending.

The important thing for you to know is that if you want most members of this board to make comments on your scans, or you just want your scans to be taken “seriously” by most members, and unless you have a pretty clear understanding of what PIE/PIF scanning is and its limitations, you have to submit scans using one of the drives and scaning speeds that I mention above in point #1.

Don’t forget to perform a [I]transfer rate test[/I] when you want to have an idea of how a given disc/burn behaves in real-world.

Thanks a lot guys.

I have not long got an old Lite0n SOHW-832S which after a bit of playing around with firmware has turned out to be a very good scanner that will repeat over and over with very close results, which I check against my newer Lite0n SHM-165P6S and they are very close.

The only problem it does have it the speed 8x max, but I think its a great drive for testing if you can come across one, as I said I got given mine :slight_smile:

I have ordered LiteOn LH-20A1S 20X SATA DVD±RW/DL.

I’m not 100% sure how the sata dives are for scanning :eek:

I’ve heard some people have issues. It may be dependent on how it’s all setup though so don’t freak out if you get whacky results, instead post back here and ppl may be able to sort it out easily.