What is a Multi Track DVD?



Hello, I am a newbie here and would be grateful for some help.
I have bought a Panasonic DMR-EZ49VEB to copy VHS tapes to DVD. It works fine but I have two problems with the DVDs.

  1. I normally copy DVDs by using IMGBURN to create an ISO image and then to write that image to DVDs. However, when I try to do that to the DVDs I’ve created from VHS it fails with a message saying that the DVD is multi track. What exactly is a multi track DVD and how can I do a VHS to DVD copy that isn’t multi track?
  2. The resulting DVDs play on my computer or my Sony Bluray player but not on older Sony DVD players. Why would that be?

I have been using DVD-R discs.


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As far as your dvd is concerned, I’d just be guessing. Perhaps it is a multi-session dvd that ImgBurn does not support.

Multi-session is when you burn data to a disc, don’t close the disc or “finalize” it in a recorder, then come back later and add more.


You probably need to finalize or close the disc in the unit you recorded it in.


Hi, The DVDs were finalised correctly and played on other devices.
I understand what you said about multi-session, but my query is about multi-track. I can find a few references to multi-track on the web but I cannot find an explanation of what it means. Imgburn cannot create an iso image from the DVD and displays a message saying that the reason is that the DVD is multi-track so I had hoped that I might get enlightenment here.


Post in the right forum and Lighting UK will probably respond and tell you what the ImgBurn error means.


Read this review and tell us exactly what you mean…