What is a lightscribe?



i’ve got samsung lightscribe but i dont know how to use it. is there any tutorial how to use it? i’ve research some and it said that i can make labels on cd / dvd by using d lightscribe? and i will just flip the cd /dvd? i want to know what cd / dvd support lightscribe? or any cd / dvd will do? im just confused. and give some burner supports lightscribe. thanks…


A good start is the LightScribe site…



thanks, albert, that really helps… :slight_smile:

btw can i use most of the time that lightscribe? is that advisable?


There’s not been anyone to say exactly how much the use of LightScribe impacts the life of a drive, but I would expect that it wouldn’t be too bad to label every disc you burned, maybe “killing” the drive’s laser twice at fast, at worst. It would just be a bit time-consuming to do that much LS. :iagree:


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