What is a letterbox and how to remove them?



hi to all
can anyone explain to me what is a letterbox and how to remove them?
i downloaded an avi file with 640x428 (1.50:1) [~3:2] aspect ratio i encoded it using tempgenc using a 720x576 4:3 aspect ratio i thought it will produce a full screen video but there is still a black bar oon top and bottom help please…


Hi, What it is 640 x 428 (or whatever) that means how many pixels so 640 pixels up and 428 pixels across 720 x 576 pixels fills the whole screen so if you have different you will get different ratios and black bars

hope this helps


A movie is said to be “letterboxed” when there is no cropping of the original widescreen image. The only way to get rid of the bars is by zooming (thus cropping left and right sides), not by changing the resolution.

I have no idea how to do this actually, as I’ve always prefered to see the entire image than to butcher the image so to fit the TV screen…


this is a letterbox

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