What is a good monitor



Hi Guys,

I am looking for a new monitor as my old one is broken.

First see here some info:
Motherboard: ASUS p5Q Deluxe
2 CPU 6600 @ 2.4GHz
4G Memory DDR2
Radeon HD 5770 with ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series Drivers
OS: Win 7 Home Premium x64 sp1

What i am looking for is a 27’’ monitor but i don’t know which one i should take. Most of the time I play games like Age of Empire, World of Warcraft, Conquest, …

I checked on some forums and websites but sometimes one say it is good and another one say you better take another one.

So i hope you guys can give me some info.
Here are those i filtered out on this website: I know it is in dutch but hey the name of the products stay the same :wink:

Some monitors


Any suggestion?



If you can afford it —> Dell UltraSharp U2711
IPS panel with 2560x1440 resolution :wink:


Ya i know I saw that one too but a bit too expensif :wink:

My wife is ok for 500-600€ but that is the max
I aim for 250-500€ .


Honestly, if i was to going to get a 27" i would prefer to get the dell, or try to find another monitor that has an IPS panel, and surely not a TN panel.

Here the Dell costs 618 Eur, great price for that size.


Ya but monitors with TN panels are faster no?
Ppl always told me that i need to take a screen with real low reactiontime because that is important for gaming.
Or am I wrongly informed?


I agree with Vroom - an IPS or PVA/MVA panel is to be preferred. TN monitors are getting worse and worse with the viewing angles. Must not be necessarily this Dell - there are cheaper options, although with lower resolution and slightly less professional panel.

For games, I don’t think the reaction times are an issue.



I don’t see the problem with the angles.
I mean I have never had a problem as i am sitting just right in front of my screen.


Not as big but the 24" Dell Ultrasharp would be my pick!


I have a 26" TN monitor, and I can assure you that you can see differences in the vertical plane. If you are not exactly in the center, you’ll notice that the top and bottom have different brightness, and colors fade.

I have a tendency to lean back and put my feet up on the desk, and from below the screen is the absolute worst angle to view a TN monitor.

But, in other news, my Samsung has been ok. You get used to the viewing angle issues and don’t notice them as much after a while, until someone posts a thread like this. :slight_smile: Since I don’t do color critical work, a TN panel is not a real problem for me. It works very nicely for videos, especially if I tilt it down to fit my favorite position while viewing.

Some TN panels are better than others. My older BenQ 24" monitor was regarded as an excellent example of TN displays, and is sharper than this Samsung, but I’ve grown accustomed to more real estate in front of me.


Take a look through this thread at Anandtech to learn some of the differences in monitors: http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=39226

And look at monitor reviews at prad.de and xbitlabs.com


In checking some of the review, this LG monitor looks like a decent buy.
LG Electronics E2770V 27" Widescreen 5MS 1920 x 1080 DVI HDMI LED Monitor £284.24 (dabs.com)

And if you want a hi-end monitor:
Dell U2410 24" Wide 6ms DVI HDMI LCD Monitor £452.74 (this is the monitor that I would get) the adobe SRGB color space is awesome, it approaches the colors of a CRT.


Dell is coming out with a cheaper e-IPS monitor, with less color depth and not as wide a color gamut. It is the U2412M.

The natives are already restless regarding what is lost in this one compared to the U2410. http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1152720


I was thinking about buying the Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH.
Most reviews say it is a good screen but i am hesitating because i have the feeling the colors are not that greath.


It’s half the price of the Dell and it’s also the size that you want it. If i were you I would try to go to a store and look at it first before i buy it.


Ok i went to the store and bought the Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH.
It seems nice :slight_smile:


Enjoy it ;).


Yep enjoy it. On a late note some of the cheap Acer TN bigger panels actually look pretty nice if your looking for cheap with acceptable picture and text quality. I have a P236H that actually has very good black level and sharp text that I got for 70 bucks because they had a sale going, a 30 off coupon, and I had a 50 gift certificate.
I’d say even for around the 130 or less it gets down to from time to time it’s a nice monitor for those on a budget, very pleased with mine.
I figured for that kind of money it was worth a gamble and I could always sell or gift it if it sucked and at least break even or make a family member happy.
It looked nice right outa the box and got better with very slight tweaking.
Has no dead pixels and no light leakage either so watch the sales and deal sites if your down on cash but want a 23" monitor.