What is a good laptop or notebook to buy?

I am going to buy a new laptop or notebook and a good pc very soon and I have been researching different brands out there. I want to upgrade from a dell laptop and dell pc to something better.
I am not interested in anymore dell stuff so…
The things I want in it are (but not limited to):
fast processors
works well with media
( I use lots movies, music and gaming) so I need something that can handle MULTIPLE tasks easily
lots of memory
more than 3 usb ports
burner for both cds/dvds
MULTI region dvd player coz i will be using both pal and ntsc
windows 7 os


For the notebook, have you considered a netbook? Their lighter, less expensive and pretty fast with dual core cpu’s. If not what is your budget?

On the desktop, have you ever considered building your own?