What is a good laptop dvd burner

Im looking for a different burner for my laptop since it doesn’t support dpm. But my problem is when Im looking around at various burners I cant find any info on which ones support dpm or which burners are decent burners for laptops. If anyone has any info on laptop burners plz help.

Also I am thinking about just getting s203b with a galaxy 5202auas enclosure but I would like to just get a internal for my laptop for convenience.

What is the make and model of your current lappy burner.
And please, care to tell us what doesn’t work.

I think THIS might be a good alternative if you wanna a 20x Sammy external burner.

[I]BTW[/I], DPM, not sure what you have in mind. :wink:

This is the dvd burner i have right now in my laptop LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4084N.

By the dpm i meant when i use alcohol to backup my games when it going through the process for example C&C 3 the log says that dpm failed. I asked alcohol on their forums about this and they told me that my dvd burner does not support dpm and that they did not have very much information on what burners support this and which ones do not.


get a Half-height drive that supports this particular feature and connect it externally (via USB).