What is a good, inexpensive firewire cd-rw?

Hi all,

This is a kinda stupid question, but after looking up reviews for a while I haven’t found what I’m looking for so I thought I’d be lazy and ask here. I’m getting a laptop computer, and I want a good cd-rw to go with it. I’m getting a Dell Inspiron 8200, which comes with a firewire port but not usb2.0. I -could- get a usb2.0 burner, but I’d have to get a pcmcia card converter thing to use it, so firewire makes more sense.

What I’m looking for mainly are price and quality. I want a drive that can do it all. The LiteOn usb/firewire burner (can’t remember model #) sounded great, but I really don’t like that it can’t extract audio from protected cds. I pretty much want to be able to do good audio extraction, bypass as much copy protection as is possible, and burn reliably at decent speeds… I don’t need the fastest.

If someone could recommend some burners I would be very, very grateful.



Philips is porting his current batch of writers in a firewire/usb2.0 solution.

I have an external Firewire Freecom Traveller 24x10x40x and he does what I want him to do :slight_smile: I don’t know how he handles copy-protections, cause I’m using Plextor for those thingies.