What is a good frame rate?

When playing a game, is the highest frame rate always the best? Or does it not matter if its over 50 fps. I really have no idea. What range is the best?

The more the merrier of course , but the human eye can only notice till 24 frames per second.

It is equally important to have a constant fps, it’s no good having 200+fps when there’s nothing on your screen and having 1fps when an enemy shows up. I like stuff thats +50 fps, since thats usually fluent on my computer. But theres no real definition of best range. Only the scientific definition posted by Mr B.

In theory it would be as fast as possible but in the real world many gets flickering and/or bleeding if they don’t use vsync (syncs framerate to the monitor’s refresh rate).

I apologize, but Mr B is not exactly correct, as the so called “average” frame rate of the eye is approx 60 FPS. so in all actuality an fps of 55-65 would be the best for any type of game. however, if it is too fast then the human eye will start to fade things a bit, so mess around with it and try to get it where you believe it to be best. it may be as low as 40, or as high as 75 for the ninjas of eyesight. haha. you should be able to set your monitor frame rate to a specific number, then you can use vsync to copy the frame rate into any game you are playing atm. i myself am a gamer. haha, though somewhat more smart butt than most people on earth. thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

Hey GurdianAngel! welcome to the forum. How on earth did you find a five-and-a-half year old thread to respond to? I agree about the 24 FPS thing, as the media that uses that rate mostly is Film. And to avoid flicker when projecting it they show each frame twice, resulting in 48 FPS.

in general 60+ is considered perfect. (since you can actually notice it when it goes to much under that.)

30+ is ‘good enough’ though for a game. (not perfect but easily playable. especially if your playing single player and don’t need lightning fast responses etc which i doubt anyone would if your in single player)

i would say under 20 and it starts to get quite bad (especially 15ish or less)

but basically anything around 30 or so (or better) is ‘good enough’ to have a overall enjoyable experience. (i am sure some would disagree but those types are usually spoiled with MAX GRAPHICS/FRAME RATE. i tend to look at it in a more realistic way)

well, i was actually just looking up stuff on the internet about it and what people think. and just randomly saw this thread. quite coincidental in all actuality. haha. but yes, i understand what you are saying when it comes to the 24x2 each frame. the only reason they do this is so that if the camera jumps angels in a movie the movie itself wont flicker to the human eye. if the camera was a continuous one angel they would likely do it at 60 fps. im glad to have brought a conversation back from the dead. i just like to tell mine own say. thanks for hearing it.