What is a good DVD recorder?

that you can purchase @ a local dept store?

a local dept store. in what country ? Uganda maybe ?

Hey ccubsnumberone…
What type of recorder are you referring to??? A standalone for your home entertainment or one for your computer???


G)-(osters ya flippen nut. Quit making me laugh. I just had back surgery last week and I’m gonna pop a stitch.:bigsmile: Plus which it hurts like hell to laugh.:cool:

Although it would be nice to know cuz I’m not sure if they have a K-Mart in outer Mongolia.

Yeah, I am talking about a home DVD recorder that you would buy at lets say (Walmart, BestBuy, Kmart, etc) in the USA


Hey ccubsnumberone…

Hope we didn’t offend you with our jokes cuz that was not our intention. Although I did just have back surgery and it does hurt like hell when I laugh. But back to your ? Believe it or not, one of the best deals I.ve seen on one of these home units was at K-Mart. Yes I said K-Mart. This past X-Mas they had a Liteon (same company that makes the computer DVD drives) recorder that played ALL formats of DVD’s (+,-,R’s & R/W’s) for $175.00. In fact while I was at the store they had one left that went on a Blue Lite Special for $159.00. I was less than inches from grabbing it but then decided against it cuz I do all of my DVD recording through my PC. And I have 4 stand alone DVD players in my home already. My wife probably would of shot me. But I’ve read some good things on it besides its cheap price. But tthe main thing that caught my attention was it’s abbility to use all of the DVD formats. Most of the ones I’ve looked at BB are usually -R only and a hell of a lot more money. I’m presuming by your handle that you may live in the Chicago area or are just a Cubs fan. But I believe Chi town has K-Marts. I’m not sure if they have an on-line service but if not, for that price, I would check them out. Hope this helps. Good luck.


If you are looking for the ‘best’ DVD recorder then this thread is for you.

Hey Jucius Max…

He’s looking for a stand alone recorder, not one for a PC. But thanks for the link anyway. I’ve been looking for it for a friend of mine.


thanks everybody for the quick responses.

Sportfish- I am originally from Chi-town, but I now reside in Alabama. Die-hard Cubbies fan!!!

Hey Cubbie…

Oh Oh, now we have a war. Go Twins :bigsmile: Hope you have a K-Fart in Bama.
Good luck


we also have k-mart in Aust.
i wait till they have the “20% of everything” days [about once every 8 weeks].
sony, samsung, phillips would be my liking

Apparently the Panasonic range are pretty good.

maybe this would help? --> http://www.videohelp.com/dvdrecorders

Hi ccubsnumberone ,

i got a DVD/VHS Recorder from WalMart. If you’re looking to hook-up to a TV.

It’s a Emerson EWR20V4 for $278—I’m transfering all of my VHS tapes to DVD (tapes are old and going bad).

Record DVD to VHS or VHS to DVD.

Here is some specs—

=VCR/DVD recorder for DVD-R/RW recording and playback
=1-touch, 2-way dubbing
=Hi-Fi VHS recording and playback
=Plays DVD-ROM, CD-R/RW and MP3 formats
=Up to 10 hours recording time
=Easy on-screen user menu
=Component video output; S-video input and outputs
=Audio/video input and outputs
=Digital audio output
=Dolby Digital Surround Sound
=Parental lock


Good luck

There are couple of recorders that will play a recorded program from the DVD disc at the same time as it is also recording a program. Panasonic has 1 such recorder. They had this at CircuitCity for around $200.00