What is a good cheap media to use?

hi all:

i have an hp dvd1040e external burner i believe it is an actual lite-on drive.

if someone could recommend some dvds +/- and also in RW

i believe it can dvd-rs +/- at 20x and dvd-rws and dvd-r`s DL at 8x

to be honest 10pack of dvd-rw`s is probably what i gonna use the most

just not sure what this burner likes

The price and availability of media can depend a lot on which country you live in, so perhaps you could tell us where you live?

well first off I had good luck with memorex dl media. The higher speed won’t matter much to the drive as that you shouldn’t burn at the speed but let say you have 8x dl you would burn at 4x rather then max speed to improve better burn. Dvd-/+R/W at 20x should be keeped at 16x or 12x for good burn. Never go for max rating of the media as you can create coasters. But if memorex doesn’t work you can always go and get some verbatim media and gie those a try…I have a liteon 832S and 20A1H drive and both work well with memorex media…

One thing to remember is that you get what you pay for, with cheap media you are going to have problems down the road such as the ink fading away and the movie will be junk or else you will start having problems burning then you will be back asking whats wrong and everybody will tell you to use better media so why not start with a good brand of media to start with, just my 2 cents worth

My memorex dl been burn for one year and used and hasn’t failed me yet…but that is due to fact I burn at 2x speed and don’t mutitask while burning as well…give all the resources to the program…