What is a good burn thought to be?

HI there all. Very new to all this , in fact the retailBenq DW 1640 is the first DVD writer I have ever bought. I@ve been reading a little and I burned my first DVD today on a verbatim x8 speed media (DVD+R) MCC 03 . My drive has a firmware of BLSB and I used Qsuite V2.0, with WOPC (??) on and solidburning(?) off.

MY score was 95%, but I seem to have some PI failures -306 and jitter seems to be high, but I’m not sure what a high jitter really is. Can anyone comment on what is should be doing right?



ps sorry i’m not sure how to manage attachments properly atm

Hi :slight_smile:
Try this. Save as .png & in minimised form. Yes scan is good take a look at other scans in this thread

Hey thanks for the heads up!! I was wonderning ,it’s not that easy to get hold of taiyo yuden discs in the UK, but I’m now really dying to try this Famous (Or so i have read) DVD media in the drive to see what happens. From what I understand there are various dyes eg TY02 TY03, but can someone clarify wether these are basically the same dye types or the later versions better that previous ones?

Thanks again


Your scan is pretty good. Jitter is good as are the PIE and PIF’s. The PIF spike of 8 is nothing to worry about, and is the only reason the quality score is “only” 95.
You might try activating SolidBurn and compare, but SolidBurn takes a couple of burns to “learn” the media.
Also, set the read speed to 8x in Nero CD-DVD Speed. 8x is the standard scanning speed with BenQ drives.

That is a terrific burn on very high quality media. Even if you got some Taiyo Yudens, they might not be as good as this.

The different dyes (given the same manufacturer) are related to their “rated” speed for burning. TYG01 is a 4× media, TYG02 is 8×, and TYG03 is certified to burn at up to 16×. “TYG” is used by Taiyo Yuden for its DVD-R discs; they use “Yuden-000 T0x” (x being 1 or 2) for their DVD+R.

It’s my belief that DVDs should be burned at their rated speed for best results - not slower and not faster.

As for being “better”, well, “faster” is more accurate. RICOH came out with a 4× media that almost every burner liked, and its code was “RICOHJPN R01 02”. The same was not true for RICOHJPN R02 (8×) or RICOHJPN R03 (16×). Some burners like those more recent codes and some really hate them.