What is a good brand of dvd media



i am in the houston area and i am looking for some blank dvd media can anyone tell me what brand to get and where to get some…


Verbatim 16X+ media, usually on sale at Office Max and Best Buy for 12.99 for a 50 spindle. There are others but this is the easiest to find in a B&M store.


Yup, great advice as always from alan…excellent media and a cheap and easy purchase… :iagree:


Couldn’t agree more with both of them. Verbatim is outstanding media. Also if you have a 18x burner, it’ll go there for ya. And, you can always check out the Egg. That’s Newegg. Sometimes they have specials and there shipping is always fast. For me anyway. ~ Mike


Also depends on the burner you have. may want to check the manufacturers website of the burner to see what brands of media have been certified on their drives.


Sony, Fuji and Maxell(-R) MIJ and Verbatim.


Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim i’m sure are on the list. It’s the best DVD media at this time to buy. I use mainly Taiyo Yuden myself for my personal stuff and have no media head aches at all.


And TCAS info here is good to know :slight_smile:


You will find that some burners only like certain brands of blank media, my burners don’t like Sony and give me lots of trouble trying to burn on them so I myself use TY’S or Verbatim’s and always get good quality burns with no problems at all :bigsmile:


I have swithed to fuji film and never have had a bad disk since. I have now burnt over 2 hundered disk…