What is a good all-in-one backup decrypter, shrinker, burner?

I may just go that route. In my previous post I have the problem of the backups only playing on the laptop where I burned them. Would not play in any other player, old or new. But, I realized I wasn’t having this problem when I was using a couple of “free trial” decrypters, shrinkers, etc. Right now, I am using DVDFab decrypter, DVDshrink, and something just called “burner”. This is the unsuccessful mix. At this point I am willing to pay for a good all in one package that will decrypt my backups, shrink them, and burn them. Preferrably all in one step. :bigsmile:

Any help I would appreciate,

If you are not finalising the discs after burning them, it could be the reason they won’t play anywhere else. Hence the ‘Burner’ program may be the problem, so instead try using the freeware ‘ImgBurn’ to burn the ISO output of DVD Shrink.

What is your laptop, make and model number of the burner, and lastly what type of discs are you burning (make and format (-R, +R, etc)?

I’m personally not fond of all in one progs… having said that, DVDFAB platinum might be right for you…DVDFAbdecrypter > DVDRBpro> IMGburn, is my preferred method for DVD-5 backups… and I only use Verbatim media…

I’d try imkidd’s advice before shelling out for a program, but having said that, DVDFab Platinum has never let me down. :slight_smile:

I will try imgburn as suggested. As for my laptop, its a 1 month old Gateway and I’m not exactly sure of the make and model of burner, but its dual layer, ultra speed, etc. I am using Fuji DVD +R’s.

The media may be your problem . I try to use taiyo yuden , sony or verbatin dvds . Dvd fab is used by alot of people on cdfreaks but I like and use anydvd and clonedvd from www.slysoft.com. They are easy to use and have a 21 day trial which gives you time to decide what is good for you. good luck.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ll give 'em a try.

If it is just for movie backups, anydvd and clonedvd cannot be beaten. Personally I use anydvd and nero just because I am used to using nero (for most burning, not just movies), but clonedvd has done the job a few times when nero couldn’t. Nero’s probably not worth the money if you just want it for movies (clonedvd is cheaper), but if you want it for all kinds of burning nero works well as an all around burning program. All have free trials too so you can see if you like them.