What is a deinterlace?



what does it do into ur movie? and was it necessary?
does deinterlacing makes it better quality than original or something?
what i mean is which is more better? deinterlaced or not deinterlaced when playing in a tv using a dvd player? i used the convertxtodvd, and deinterlaced the movie but i cant see any difference T_T


Google is your friend…



Based on the info in the links above–and your own eyesight–you can tell if your material is interlaced or not, and whether or not you need to deal with interlacing. If your DVD playing equipment is progressive scan [which a lot of equipment these days is], and your source material isn’t interlaced, you probably don’t need to do deinterlacing at any point.

If you use a TV tuner to capture broadcasts, depending on the hardware/software and settings, deinterlacing may be required

You can usually tell if you need to do anything, though. If there is no difference to your eyes, then don’t worry about it.


thanks albert so in my case deinterlace is not necessary XD