What is a College Term Paper?

we’re tasked to write a term paper on “the thirty years war” (nothing specific, just that)

term paper are suppose to be argumentative right? but how am i suppose to argue against the author’ statement “he Thirty Years’ War was a religious war fought over a thirty-year time period from 1618 to 1648”

what am i suppose to argue against?:bow: why aren’t we allow to summarize in our own words?

what on earth is a title page?

thanks for the help!

Just tossing some ideas at you.

Was there justification for the Protestants and Catholics to conflict?

Was it necessary for most of the European countries to get involved?

Were the consequences justified?

Link: http://www.englishclub.com/writing/college-term-papers/index.htm



Any chance you have a ‘writers ink’ book? That thing is helpful in this situation.
If you are unsure of any formatting (title page, etc) you may want to talk to the teacher, sometimes they have personal preferences.

[quote=coolaid;2075820]what am i suppose to argue against?[/quote]There is always something to argue about, when the rights and wrongs of war are concerned. We have one going on right now, for which religious conviction is involved and I bet most of the pro’s and con’s haven’t exactly changed much since the Thirty Years War; so why not try and translate the current justifications across and back into the historical context?

Overall though, this looks like what we call a ‘Barrister Question’. Imagine you are a barrister and have been asked to defend one of the sides in court. What would your arguments be for their justification? Do some reading around on their circumstances, make bullet points and then expand these into text. Then, wipe all those arguments from your mind and the next day (or week) do the same for the other side. Finally pretend you are the judge who has to summarise it all, and give [I][B]your own[/B][/I] conclusion, citing the reasons. Remember there are no right or wrong answers, only logical ones based on your impression of hearing both sides, and you don’t have to agree with anyone.

It’s all part of training you to think for yourself, rather than just re-word someone else’s opinion.

what form are you suppose to use MLA , Chicago… ???

I’ve not heard of a “college term paper” in a LONGGGG time
most are
critical papers
character analysis
indepth research papers…

and i would suggest you grab a copy of cite rite…to help with your cite work

it’s suppose to be analysis, then we’re require to be argumentative as well.

Well obviously you have to do some analysis of the subject, before attempting to put together an argument.

Just look at both sides, and how they saw it before going to war. Comparing these two points of view, then saying what you think of it, IS that argument.

[I]Hint: an argument is not necessarily a rejection of a respected author’s book, or the title given by a teacher; nor is it two people shouting at each other without listening. For an interactive definition of what consitutes an argument; see the authoritative treatise on the subject here:


[quote=imkidd57;2076218][I]For an interactive definition of what consitutes an argument; see the authoritative treatise on the subject here:[/I]

http://www.mindspring.com/~mfpatton/sketch.htm).[/quote] …and the version as played on television:

http://youtube.com/watch?v=k3HaRFBSq9k :smiley:

Hahaha… yes excellent reference! :flower: