What is a buslink?

I bought a buslink 52/24/52 at staples and it seems to perform ok, however, their web site sucks and I don’t ever see “Buslink” ever listed for firmware updates, etc. Can somebody clue me in? I’ve read that some think it’s an aopen or ricoh but nobody seems to know for sure. Thank you for your help and patience with this new guy.

It may be a LiteOn or something else. the drive is identified in Nero, and in Device Manager, what does it say?

Forgive the delay, I’m trying to figure out how we do a printscreen nowdays so I can just show ya.

You don’t need to post any screen shots, just report what it says. you can also run Nero Infotool to get a report on the drive.

well, nero itself doesn’t report a recorder name, just it’s features e.g., 52x24x52, just link enabled, just speed enabled, etc

later…info tool same kinda stuff with firmware version 1.4

That is most likely an Aopen drive. Buslink does not use a proprietary firmware, so you can use any Aopen firmware on it. Check the Aopen site for a picture to be sure.

Thank you so much for your way fast response. Very encouraging.

found a photo HERE