What is a backside and burn side?

Yes, this is a horribly stupid question. But…

I read this somewhere: “Scratches on the back side are no big deal. Scratches on the burn side are not good, and can cause problems.”

Ok, the back side would be the shiny part right? The part where you can see your reflection?

Now, what is the burn side? Is that the part where you would put your label or what?

The side where you can see any identifying brands would be the top or label side and the other, all plain side would be your burn side. This side you can usually get a reflection of yourself.

“Scratches on the back side are no big deal. Scratches on the burn side are not good, and can cause problems.”

So that is basically saying that scratches on the shiny side are bad?


Ah, damn. That’s where I always get tiny scratches. Do tiny scratches (not deep ones) here and there even affect playback?

They CAN!!!:frowning: :frowning:

One other thing that should be noted. What has been said is true about dvd’s but not nesasarilly about cd’s. With dvd’s, the recording layer is sandwiched between layers of polycarbonite. You are not going to hurt the recording layer from the label side because it is protected by that back layer of polycarbonite. With cd’s, the recording surface is placed on the back of a single piece of polycarbonite. Thier is a protective coating but nothing to the level of a layer of polycarbonite. A bad enough scratch on the label side can damage a cd.

dont put labels on dvds :Z very bad :Z

I think we’ve had this discussion before on a few threads. I use labels and am yet to have a problem.(nearly 3 years) Some though have posted of such problems, so I’d rephrase to: “Do so at your own risk”.

… and don’t use the cheapest ones… :wink:
btw: i don’t use labels - i don’t trust them (any more)… the last time i used labels was 4 or 5 years ago, on cd-r - and not a single one of 'em is still ‘alive’ :wink: the ones without labels still work… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had that too! :Z :Z

I use my EPSON R300 to print right onto my DVD’s. Have to get the inkjet printables of course… It is very easy, and works great. Just have to make sure to let them dry for 12hrs before messing with them. I highly recommend it…

So does that mean that if the they are just surface scratches it should still play fine?

Depends how deep they are and how good of a reader your drive or stand alones are.

Depends on which surface. If it is on the recording side, it depends on how many and how deep/bad. Like sportfish said, it also depends on the drive/player reading it. Some are going to be able to read past smaller scratches beter than others (dvd and cd have a built in error corection system to corect for some of the information that cannot be read because of very small scratches).
As far as scratched on the label (back) side, on dvd’s they don’t mater. On cd’s, they can. Thier is a protective layer but it is very thing and not that hard to scratch through. Fine scratches should be fine on the label side, even on cd’s though. Deeper scratches can kill cd’s.