What is a 2/3 alcohol 120% profile and how do i burn one!

how to burn a alcohol 120% 2/3 profile

Huh? What’s the image of and what settings did you use to make it? What copy protection does the program/game use? We need more info.

:rolleyes: 2/3 of 120 is as far as I know 40 :bigsmile:
Mmmm, 40% could be single malt or vodka :bow: And yes, it does burn :iagree:

:disagree: Erm, no. Actually it’s 80. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only 2/3 I can think of is the Safedisc [B]2/3[/B] profile. But anyway, if someone has an image with some instructions on how to burn it, it usually is not very legal.

:bigsmile: yes, I did mean 2/3 rest 1/3 which is 40. Mmmm but the way it was written, mmmmm … yes it seems I must go to shool again :bigsmile:
One should learn reading (or preview post) before submitting reply :iagree: