What is a 14.985fps .avi file?



i can’t find any info on this using the search, was wondering if anyone could help me out, thanks in advance to anyone who can? :smiley:

i recently downloaded a movie (.avi) with the intentions of converting it to dvd. i know pretty much what i’m doing with the conversions now and have burned quite a lot of dvd’s so don’t worry, it’s not yet another question about that! :wink:

the problem is, it has 14.985fps?? i’ve never seen that before, and after converting it through DVD2SVCD i have (obviously now i come to think about it) ended up with a movie that plays like it’s on fast forward.

does anyone know a way around this problem, or just what is 14.985fps because i am clueless, all i know of is PAL, NTSC and NTSC Film and it obviously isn’t any of them!

thanks again



You do know how to do simple multiplication though right?

It is an NTSC source that has been decimated by two,

14.985x2 = 29.97

Personally I wouldn’t bother converting it. The audio has probably had its sample rate halved to. Also what is the resolution? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was just a crappy VCD re-encode.


It could well be an animation movie. They are usually encoded at 15fps (or something near) since the original source (“from the drawings”) are 15fps too. Conversion to DVD could still give you a good looking picture.
If it’s not a animation, celtic_druid is right and it isn’t worth the effort.
Please let us know whether it’s an animation or not, I’ll try to help you further with the encoding if it is. (don’t have mucht time right now)


yes, i can do multiplication thanks.

no, it’s not animation wannez, but thanks for the offer of help, it’s greatly appreciated.