What is 24 FPS?

Is this PAL or NTSC?

I have a DivX I wanna convert to DVDR…PAL or NTSC?


24 (or mostly 25) FPS is PAL. NTSC is 29.97 (or 30) FPS

24 FPS is Film.

It is neither NTSC or PAL. It is converted into PAL via a speed-up, and to NTSC by doubling of fields and a slight slowdown.

So, once I’ve followed the DivX to DVDR guide…do I use PAL or NTSC in Maestro?


If you live in the USA: NTSC

If you live in Europe: PAL

DVD2SVCD will normally convert a 24fps to a 23.976 fps (FILM) anf then run Pulldown to “convert” to a 29.76 fps NTSC file.

So if the Pulldown_Encoded_Video_NTSC.mpv file is in your DVD2SVCD encoding folder, then ALLWAYS import it into Maestro and it will want to select NTSC (as thats what it is).