What IP's does AnyDVD connects to?

I’m registering 5 unique IP’s that AnyDVD is trying to connect to, presumably as update servers.

Can someone please confirm these IP’s as legit update servers??


The IPs I see it trying to connect to (on port 80) are:

Can someone please confirm? - I’m only checking because it seems like its trying to connect so frequently…

try using a dns lookup service like http://www.whois.sc/ on the addresses.

One of them is FBI for sure :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just kidding - All these IP are legitimate and direct to different site locations for SLYSOFT, makers of AnyDVD, so no worries.

I’d personally turn off auto update anyways.

Done prior to posting. - Hopefully Germany doesn’t slide off into the ocean if California does! :wink:

Yeah, I see all the IPs head to various subdomains of slysoft.com, I just wanted to make sure and see if everyone else is seeing the same addresses…

And yep, I keep autoupdates off… - Especially after seeing how frequent it wants to talk back to “mom”… :rolleyes: