What instead of Nero Should I be using?


I am not having any luck with Nero on Back ups or DVD-Movie burning.

I can make CD;s and burn DVDs that are RW but not DVD’s that are +R.

Back Up is a sad joke.

Nero seems more interested in becoming an Operating System than a burning App. 7 is H U G E and all Encompassing.

What other options work well for Making DVD to Movies?

I Run a clean Install of XP Pro SP2 and A Lite-On LH-20A1S.

You could always just use Imgburn for burning once that “backup” has been made.

T’is small and free… :smiley:

Nero7 is very comprehensive and user friendly program why you are having problem burning DVD is strange. Try to look into your system for any possible conflict with Nero.

The only Nero anything i use is the stand alone Nero CD-DVD Speed. Try ImgBurn as suggested.