What Instant Messaging Program do u use?



Well, i don’t know all the one’s out there so i can’t have a hrmmm…wot do they call it…a tick box? …

anyway i use Yahoo messenger as well as MSN Messenger.

I don’t know why MSN Messenger is more popular (maybe it’s just Microsoft) but some of their features seem less reliable than yahoo, for instance “audio”, in yahoo it connects almost immediately, whereas MSN takes ages and sometimes doesn’t even work properly…


Yea, a poll would be nice. :wink: A check-all-that-apply one would be good because many people use multiple ones…

I think these are the major ones (am I missing any?), if a mod wants to add a poll…

[/li][li]AOL IM
[/li][li]MSN Messenger
[/li][li]Yahoo Messenger
Of those, I use Gaim (there’s a Windows version of it!). Handles everything in one freeware open-source program. :bigsmile:


I’m a Yahoo-er…
i had MSN but its driving me INSANE!!!


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man and yahoo


trillian pro to handle 7 IM accts - 3 AIM, 2 MSN, 1 Yahoo, 1 ICQ.


Freak= yes you are correct

Tax’s Lady= Tax gave that to me…
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Publicy, AIM. Privately, MSN.


Gaim, Amsn, Kopete and plain MSN.


Only MSN Messenger 7 mostly now. Sometimes ICQ, too.


Trillian 3 for ICQ & MSN.
I dont know anyone that uses Yahoo. I never search or use yahoo for anything, same with my friends I think. Hence we use ICQ, since it was first (and today with the added bonus of having short UIN’s).
MSN is only a backup as it is installed on every computer just about.

I see the ICQ website is still almost as unreadable as it was back in 1999.




in general, and from my experience you can say that ICQ is very very successfull in germany (me included) - MSN is very popular in the USA / Australia
i don’t know why this is the way it is, but in my ICQ contacts there are nearly only people from germany and on my MSN there are only people from the rest of the world…
don’t know any german who uses MSN as his primary messernger…




MSN and gaim (thanks Code)


Almost 10 years ago I started using ICQ. I was an ICQ addict for quite some years. After everybody made the switch to MSN, so did I. Couldn’t get used to it though, so I never started it anymore.

Now I have GAIM if I feel like using IM, but that isn’t too often (about 5min/month). I really hate IM… annoying people, sounds etc. Doesn’t give me any time to read something, keeps on beeping… argh… :slight_smile:




Msn, irc


Telnet, WinPopUp and Net Send :slight_smile: