What information identifies audio CD at the CDDB servers

Hi guys,
I have several favorite albums only in mp3 format on my hard disk. I would like to know is it possible and how/with what tools to burn them thus the mp3 player could reveal the CD information (Artist, Album, Song names) in the CDDB servers.

What information written on the CD identifies one audio CD at the CDDB servers?

I’m using Nero 6

Thank you for helping me!


atod77, you can get all the info you want without burning to cd, Tag&Rename can do that for you, it uses freedb as source.

The files remains in mp3, so there is no need to convert them back and forth !

Note that Tag&Rename is not freeware, Trial versions of Tag&Rename has limitations: nag-screen and 30 days trial period, but they also offer a beta version.


This is the best mp3 renamer out there, no program can compare to Tag&Rename :wink:

thank you for the info.
I want to play them on normal cd players, that arn’t able to play mp3. That’s why I want to burn them as normal audio CDs. Then when listening these CDs on computer I want the audio player software to be able to retrive the album information from CDDB.

Reading your post made me think the opposite way !?
…well then just burn them to cd with nero burning rom as a cd audio !

select in order:

“File” - “New”
… from the cd window select “Audio Cd” , drag all the mp3 files in to the main window.
put an empty cd in the burner and hit the “Burn Compilation” button.

Once you have your new audio cd you can connect to cddb or freedb and hook up all the info on your player,you don’t have to do anything else.


If I’m burning audio CDs from MP3 I firstly get all the filenames & tags correctly set by tag&rename & then burn then with either Roxio Classic creator or Burrrn , both of which write the track names, album title & artist to CD-TEXT. Some players can read the CD-TEXT without the need to query CDDB etc.

thanx alot :slight_smile: :cool: :bigsmile: