What Info Needed For Unsupported Discs?


This program is heaven sent for me, I am in an unusual position where my tv only supports HDR through USB but not HDMI, so I can now rip my discs put the movie file on a hard drive and the plug into my tv and then watch the movie with HDR :slight_smile:
I have about 20 UHD discs and only 4 are on the list, of those 4 I have had 100% success with ripping them.
Now my question is what info do I need to send to DEUHD so hopefully they will add support for the rest of my UHD discs and where can I find this info ?



Check out the following link:


I did before, but regarding this:

How to report discs to Arusoft, to give them the opportunity to support it?

They are requesting the country of the disk, the log file located at C:\Users\user name\Documents\DeUHD\Log and the Clipinfo, AACS, and Playlist directories.

When I go to that path there is only a log folder and in that folder is a text file which has the following info: 2017-10-28

0: initialization error 2

299: H

305: CREED

309: 39FDFEA871ABA7E524DC85DBFE247CA000000000

323: net error 5

323: net error: 5

323: error 104

Is that all is needed to send them and the country of the disc ?