What important things did your grandparents teach you?

Grandparents are great because they can engage with children in a different way, and get things across that their parents can’t.

I remember my grandfather telling me he hoped I’d work hard and get good qualifications as education was the most valuable thing you could have. On a more practical front, my grandmother taught me how to to make a white sauce; she said because it was one of the most versatile techniques, used in a lot of recipes, and therefore very useful for planning meals.

I have learned so much from my parents too, of course, but I wonder whether anyone else remembers what their grandparents taught them?

The only grandparent I ever knew (my nan on my dad’s side) died when I was younger, though I remember her, so I didn’t get the chance to be taught much.

She was typical older generation though, had high standards and was a very good-hearted woman. :slight_smile:

One of my earliest memories is her bollocking one of my aunts or uncles for “taking the Lord’s name in vain”, hehe. :slight_smile:

My mum is the person I’ve learned the most from. :slight_smile:

exposed me to deep sea fishing.

My grandmother told me that you never really know anyone until you’ve eaten a pound of salt with them. ( meaning it takes a lifetime )

My grandfather was ex-army and always seemed quite unapproachable, although that changed as i became an adult.

My grandmother was my soul mate and i often felt she was the only person in the world who understood me in my teen years. She was a great cook as well and past on many of her traditional Indian recipes, which i still use today.

They taught me. No money,NO honey?
So bank as much as possible.