What impact will PlayStation 3 have on the Sony Corporation?

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                                                                                  With E3 coming in May, we have to  hope that the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming platform will...
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well!!! all I have to say is that Sony better deliver what they promised the PS3 can do unlike the overhype they generated before the PS2 was launched. Also they better hope that their new machine is not full of bugs like the ps2 was. I guess we’ll have wait and see!!! Sony can’t afford to make mistakes at the moment.

Have the made one before? PS2, PSP? In fact psp is already the leading protable console this season!

if the psp is the leading portabel games console, its only because it can be hacked. i don’t know how many times i’ve helped to set up a psp to play homebrew games (and no doubt iso’s of downloaded games). the games for it are crap, even the umd movies are way too expensive. as for the ps3, well i think there counting on there massive fan base to buy the console no matter the price, but there out of touch, people will not be willing to spend like $500 on a console. the 360 suits me fine.

Ok tylau…don’t know where you get your info…but if you check mostly all the gaming sites, you will see that the DS is far outselling the PSP. This is possible because the PSP is overpriced, or because it doesn’t really have a killer game except for GTA. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really like the DS, since it is targeted towards younger kids, but I think the PSP needs to step up it’s game to become king.

if Sony actually mass produce that boomerang controller, I’m afraid its losses will be greater than expected :g

crash n burn sony

this is nothing new. All the major console companies have always lost money on their consoles. They always have made it back through the licensing of the games. Why do you think that nearly every 360 game starts at $55 instead of the old standard of $50? They will end up coming out way on top.

I am sure HD-DVD will burn Blu-Ray to ashes.

Yeah, does the projection say the PS3 hardware itself will lose money which is normal or that Sony’s game business including HW will lose money, or as it seems to imply that Sony as a whole will lose money? The article itself says there is no indiciation whether it includes costs of setting up a network so it is a bit silly to even speculate without more information. However, as the losses are projected only for the first few years out of the ten which Sony plans as the life of the PS3, it is not a big deal. HW costs will plummet over that time. The real question is always how much software can they sell/license and additionally how many subscriptions to the network and whatever else they can profit from selling through it, plus accessories etc. Also, if the PS3 spurs wide adoption of BD, then presumably additional licensing will offset costs even more. In short, it is impossible to project but it is ML’s and others’ job to try.

I hope both formats die hddvd and blue ray-blue ray is obviously the one I’d prefer to have in my pc due to storage capabilities. Holographic disc of course is what I’d really want. There is a huge buzz going on right now in the dvd and game industry and personally I think everyone I know and have talked to is NOT going to buy a new dvd player. I also believe that people with the ps3 or the hddvd 360 will not spend the extra cash for the better format movie if they can buy dvd which is picture perfect for nearly everyone. I myself have an rf modulator hooked up to my tv. I have 360 and xbox 1 and ps2. dvd is great for me , and when dual layers come down I can stop encoding my personal dvd collection for backup play. This is what i’d like this summer dual layer dvd to come down , so I can spend less time encoding movies and have more storage on a single disc.

Sony don’t just lose money they can still earn from their movies, music, appliances, royalties from their inventions. A console who can’t “take off” in 3 years is a losing one. PS2 selling point is the sequels (final fantasy, silent hill, mgs, GTA etc) and it will be partly the same for the PS3. The innovation of GTA also helps. Sony must bring innovative games like what Nintendo’s doing for the DS. If PS3 dominates the gaming industry again then it will be an advantage for Blu-Ray.