What i'm i lookig at for the best dvd -r



Pretty new i have been buying ritek,now people will look at me gone out know.

In the forums people have run disc and shown graph’s what do i do,i would like to run atest?on a blank disc i have is the high peaks in the graph good or bad.What determines the quality of the disc.

i burn all things at x8,touch wood so far so good a few bad burns but learning all the time.

apart from ty and verbatims what other decent blank media is there and the dye quality to look for???azo g05???

Quite a few questions but i am always eager to learn from the masters,also one last thing my friends any good UK based site to buy the disc’s my local pc shop stock Ritek,Traxdate and datasafe, :bow: :bow:


The Infiniti 16x +R media I’ve found very good , same quality as Verbatim 16x +R.

One of the best online sites in the UK is www.SVP.co.uk . Their customer service is second to none.


Stay away from RITEK G05 for God’s sake. It has major stability problems.

If you don’t want to buy TY or Verbatims, CMC or Ricoh (sold under Ricoh brand only) are also good choices.

Here is the CD Freaks Home PI/PIF scanning article: http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Home-PI_PIF-scanning---Who-to-believe.html


Thanks guy’s so far having a couple of probs with finding the rioch and cmc disc though,does the azo dye any good?


Infiniti discs are usually very good indeed - another option to look out for.


Thanks does the dye make a difference so many ie G-05,AZO,MCC etc datasafe do some titinium with mcc dye wonder any good does the infiniti disc go under that name or another brand please.


The dye makes a difference but mediacodes (like G05, MCC02RG20 etc…) are not the dye, they are the model of the disc (just for the record). “Azo” [I]is[/I] a dye though.

I second [B]TimC[/B]'s recommendation for SVP’s UK online shop, I 'm a long time customer there and and I’m quite a happy customer. :smiley:

There are many good discs out there, but the simplest way to go is to stick with Verbatim (16X +R or 16X -R), unless you want to investigate.
Among media sold at SVP, I can also recommend from my experience:

  • Plextor branded 16X +R
  • Imation 8X +R
  • HP 8X +R
  • unbranded Taiyo Yuden 8X +R (they have only the printable and only in 100-discs packs - rather expensive)
  • unbranded Yaiyo Yuden 16X +R

Unless you like crapshooting, avoid the Datasafe, Datawrite, Tuffdisc etc… and any -R manufactured by Ritek (+R can be OK).


The Infiniti discs are all under the Infiniti name. The DVD’s are usually CMC or MCC - Infiniti discs I’ve found are almost always very high quality.


Just a thought here, something important actually: [B]you should mention your burner[/B].

Some older Pioneer drives, for example, hate CMC media, so some recommendations here could be misleading…


My burner is the liteon dvdrw SHW-1635S Firmware version YSON.

Is the format of the disc a factor too, what i mean is the +/- format you seem to mentio the dvd + alot?


I’d suggest a firmware upgrade on your 1635S to YS0Z. There have been some significant improvements over what you’re running.

Personally I much prefer +R media & the 1635S does burn them quite nicely. Certainly the Infiniti & Verbatim 16X +Rs suit it well.


how do i upgrade the firmware please.



Funny typo to look at, but even funnier to read it aloud :stuck_out_tongue:

how do i upgrade the firmware please.


Or the simpler version , just clicking this link should start a download of the firmware from the Liteon site.

Just unzip & run the exe file. Don’t have anything else running , no disc in drive etc & once complete reboot. Job Done.


done it Timc thanks,and thanks Francksoy in depth info very good.Looking for some verbatims,what dyes do i need to look for


SVP have got these Verb 16x +R currently. Depends on the source (India or Taiwan) as to just how good they are.

Or just go to PC World/Currys or Maplins & pick some of the up to try.


Staples were doing a buy one, get one free of 25 spindles of 16x +R Verbies, the last time I looked.

If you have one near, it might pay to look in there as well - I picked up 50 Made in India, and 50 Made in Taiwan (Prodisc made) for about £20.

Not a bad price to have them in my paws immediately.

Edit: LOL @ Franck’s typo :bigsmile:


Yep, better stick with +R with your LiteOn, the 16X +R discs that [B]TimC [/B]recommends are the way to go. :iagree:

There are discussions on this forum about the manufacturing source of these MCC004 (Taiwan, India…), but these discussions are based on (too) close examination of PIE/PIF scanning results, which are not really relevant in real-world use IMO. I’ve used tons of Made in India (by Moser Baer) MCC004 (the ones that are considered as lower quality by purists) and they’re all perfectly reliable. Not a single coaster out of ~200 discs discs, and no stability issues. :cool:

Anyway SVP has a great customer service so in case you have issues, they will gladly replace the discs.

SVP also offers a [km]Yayayoyoyuden[/km] *COUGH * Taiyo Yuden version (YUDEN000T03) of Verbatim-branded 16X +R, I don’t know how these burn in the LiteOn, they are supposed to be very good discs but you’d better ask LiteOn users.


I think the Staples offer might be over now though.


Doh! Thanks for the heads-up. Saves me going back for more!


So good, you said it twice (you’re worse than me today!) :bigsmile: