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Hi everyone,
My dvd rom on the laptop is starting to die slowly, not readind nice.
I was wondering myself:
What if my dvd rom on the laptop die when I have formatted the hard drive and and have just started installing a fresh copy of Win XP?
What if it dies in the middle of the proccess of installing Win XP?
Can I save my laptop somehow then?
Will I have to buy another dvd drive for the laptop, and if i buy another can the screwed Windows XP installation recognize the new dvd drive and can I then successfully install win XP?

Thanks for your time mates,


If the drive dies in the middle of the XP install, you’d have to buy another drive obviously.

However, once you fit a new drive, as long as it’s recognised OK in the BIOS and it’s connected properly, you should just be able to start your XP install again fresh. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply Arachne.
So you are saying that even if the Windows XP installation is corrupted and my laptop can’t boot properly and give me some kind of error message, the laptop can still recognize the new DVD drive if I plug it correctly?
But can I do that with an External DVD drive?
Do I have to install additional drivers for the External drive?
I know I can’t install any kind of drivers in my case, on a corrupted Windows Installation.

So what would be the best solution?



I’m not sure about installing or recognising an external drive - though I have two externals, I’ve never tried installing Windows from them. I’m just going by what happened with a firend’s Vaio when her internal DVDRW crapped out - she replaced it with another internal model and all was well.

Maybe someone with a laptop and external drive(s) (DrageMester?) can advise you on that. :slight_smile:

Edit: thinking about it, if you have the option in your laptop’s BIOS to boot from USB (assuming an external drive would be connected that way), you should be fine.


Maybe, maybe not. AFAIK you cannot boot Windows XP from a USB connected drive (Flash, Harddrive, Optical) because the USB ports are reset during the Windows XP boot process. Whether this also happens in the Windows XP pre-boot environment used when installing from a CD is unknown to me, but I wouldn’t risk putting myself in a situation where it’s the only option without having definite knowledge that it would work.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Thanks Drage :wink: - I wasn’t sure either since as I said, I never used USB (or an external drive) to install Windows. :slight_smile:


I have a external dvd drive and i installed vista from it with no prob if thats any help because the one built into my lappy is so bloody slow and unreliable :slight_smile:


That’s good to know. Did you boot from the external drive to install Vista, or did you install from within an existing Windows installation?

It’s still possible that installing Vista will work while installing Windows XP might not work, for the reason stated above.


Thanks a lot Arachne and DrageMester for the advices.

I doubt that wrighty_uk_gorl has booted from the external drive to install Vista on an empty Hard Disc.

And I think that buying an Internal DVD Drive for my laptop would be the best choice.

Thanks again,


So do I :iagree: - I’m sure members here at CDF can help you choose a drive if you need it. :slight_smile:


I agree. :iagree:


U can as long as you set the bios up to boot from a usb device it works perfect and yes it was a empty drive… It is possible to upload video on here and i will show ya all


That is great news wrighty_uk_gorl, and a good thing to know.
And thanks for promising to show us the video, looking forward to see it.
If this really works with an external dvd drive, I will definitely buy an external.



I put it is possible ment to be is it possible sorry


Hi again mates,

In my BIOS on the Laptop, the 3rd booting option (apart from CD Rom and Hard disc) is called Removable Device. It says just Removable Device. :rolleyes:
I suppose this includes USB Devices also, right?
I found a nice external usb Drive, but before I buy it, I want to be sure that if I select:
boot from Removable Device, - my laptop can boot from the External usb Drive once I put the Win XP CD inside.

Any ideas?


I don’t know about DVD drives but I did boot from an external floppy as my laptop hasn’t got one.
The bios allow to boot from external device, I set it this way and the USB connected floppy drive boots the computer.
This was to use Ghost via a floppy that installs the USB and Firewire drivers under DOS - and I could produce and run Ghost’s partition images this way, using a firewire/usb external enclosure for the DVD writer.
But you can also ask at the shop to try if your laptop boots using their external device, if they have an unpacked one it is probable that you have a chance. Otherwise, maybe you have a friend that owns one and give you a hand as you don’t need to install drives for a particular brand.


Please specify your laptop model.
Then we can direct you concerning contacting the tech support for the manufacturer, and they will tell you whether you can/cannot install windows XP (clean boot & clean install) from a USB optical drive.


This is the model guys:

28587 XG ACN 3000 NB
2 GB PC5300 DDR2 667 SODIUM

Hope it will help,