What if you had 8gig of System memory

What if you had 8gig of System memory, could you eliminate the need for downloading to your hard drive and therefore cut your leadin times? Would it actually make the burning process faster? I realize that 4gig is max in almost evry system but I read with the new MS OPS Vista you will be able to use 4 X 2gig sticks of Ram so that is why I am asking this question.

Dont forget that your CPU has to refresh the ram and the more ram you have the more CPU Cycles that are required to do the refresh. if the balance of CPU speed and amount of ram is to lopsided then having to much ram can cause computer slowdown.

So if I understand what you are saying I would need a very fast CPU to keep up with the CPU cycles. Are there any CPUs that would make this possible?

I have some server-oriented motherboards and some versions of Windows 2003 and some other operating systems support over 8GB system memory.

If I had 8GB, then I would wish: “What if I had 16GB?”

But system memory is just system memory, not portable so I prefer 8GB USB or SD or CF memory to common DDR-SDRAM modules. 16 or 32 or 64GB is better because some DVD titles have a little over 8.5GB per side and HD-DVD and Blu-ray disks will have up to 30 to 100GB.

Even now, I can have 4GB or more RAM if I want, but I’d rather get some 250GB HDDs instead of same number of 1GB modules. A 250GB SATA HDD costs just about as much as a 1GB DDR or DDR 2 module.

Hm… I don’t think such a slowdown if any will be easily noticeable if you are just downloading from LAN/WWW to RAM and then burning from RAM to DVD. I don’t see much performance difference between a PC with 256MB and the same PC with 1GB except 1GB allows more applications running without causing serious slowdowns.

I thank you for your responce, but you have not answered my question. Would downloading the files to system memory be faster than downloading the files to the harddrive and would the Optical drive be able to access the information faster without having the leadin time to the hardrive. Would the end speed be faster.

Hm. I think it’s difficult to feel the difference because each PC has differently configured and differently used. Downloading multiple 700MB or 1024MB files from web or ftp to RAM instead of HDD and then burning from RAM to DVD should make perfect downloading and burning environment but most people have computers that are much faster than their internet lines and even HDDs are already much faster than DVD (at burning.) To feel the difference, you probably need 10Gbps internet and 8x Blu-ray SATA burners.

THat’s true to a point. It much, much less a factor in today’s systems of fast CPUs, fast memory, and super fast FSBs. Dedicating RAM to a RAM disc disassociates the RAM from normal operations and its held apart as a virtual hard drive. Again, we talking nonoseconds vs. milliseconds in data access and a zero time vs. a few seconds in actual mechanical operations of the hard drive

In the environment you discribed, would the end speed be significant or negligable.

10Gbps = over 1GB/s. Current HDDs are not appropriate for 1GB/s download. :slight_smile:

Thankyou all for your input, with the technology getting more cutting edge everyday, I was just wondering if you could eliminate the use of the harddrive and replace it with system memory and have a positive if not better end results.

Only time will tell but I hope memory chips to be priced much lower than now. I’m willing to pay up to US$1,000 for a 64GB flash memory card. :slight_smile:

If you are serious, I know someone at Sandisc that has beta versions of flash memory up to 128gig. I don’t think they are for sale though. I do know that they are working on them, when they will be available is just speculation.

Not far away and up to 8GB main memory will be normal.

I am in full agreement, thats why I posted my question.

The slowest component when burning is the burner, by a wide margin. If a burner would burn faster than a hd could read cd’s and dvd’s would have to spin very fast and would be likely to explode. I seriously doubt that burners will ever be faster than harddrives but maybe they will and that day some serious ram buffering will be needed however when as much as 8gb of ram gets standard your os and software will use it. And that day harddrives will be in terabytes.