What if DVDRW was as cheap as DVDR?

What if DVD±RW disks were as cheap as DVD±R?
Whould there be any point in using ±R?

I do worry about what time can do to properly written DVD±R’s.
Are DVD±RW’s as much endangered? More? Less?

I need to backup some very importand data (pictures).
I’ll do it on both: +r and +rw.
I wonder - which one should last longer?
What do you think?



My strategy is to have multiple media with different technologies, stored in different places.

The media manufacturers can sell DVD+RW media at the current DVD+R 8x prices easily but there has been no such large-scale demand to let them do so.

I don’t think DVD+RW can last longer than DVD+R simply because DVD+RW is much more complicated than DVD+R write-once media. RW is for rewritable anyway, not for write-once archival.

My recommendation is to use both external HDD and DVD+RW media, storing the data at once to both. 2.5-inch hard disk drives are not that expensive these days and even Samsung and Seagate now sell them at decent prices.