What if cds/dvds wernt invented?



What would the world be like if cds hadnt been invented? Would this site be called 3 1/2 inch floppy disk freaks? how much effort would that be to put into your browser? These are the questions that keep me up at nite.


You realy do need to get out more… :wink: How about tape freaks.


That would mean no XBOX :frowning: …Tape freaks just doesn’t have the same ring…I like floppy freaks :stuck_out_tongue:
@Haveacigar if this keeps you up at night, you may want to look at some sleeping pills or something :wink:


you have no idea


:doh: That’s kind of odd :doh: If you really need it, I could hook you up with a date or something :cool:


lol… theres nothing on the tv and ive read all the threads… o yeah and its 3 in the morning… just practicing with photoshop




ROTFL @ this thread :bigsmile:

And I thought I got bored a lot…


We’d all be running around with 10GB zip disks that get the click of death after 6 months :stuck_out_tongue:

Zip freaks!

Or much worse … the super floppy drives became much more popular, and the capacities expanded …

Super Floppy Freaks.


There’s always videohelp.com :iagree: that would have just consisted of VHS editing now :bigsmile:


This thread gets weirder and weirder…:bigsmile:


Of course, there have been demonstrations using biological substances, protein strains & whatnot, as memory devices.

Biological Freaks. Muscle Freaks.

And mustn’t forget the humble cartridge.
Cartridge freaks. (Although that sounds like a printers nightmare)

And of course flash memory!
Flash Freaks! Silicon Freaks, Solid State Freaks, Sand Freaks.

And those little glass cubes …
Cube Freaks. Glass Freaks.


HDD, SDD, DVHS, wireless…


MO freaks

Syquest freaks

DAT freaks


I still like floppy freaks


Samsung wants to introduce SDDs to replace HDDs soon first for notebooks. Some say a 32GB SDD would cost nearly US$1,000 but I predict it’s going to be more like US$300.