What if a new DVD burner causes difficulties to do the POST? Replacement? Warranty?

Since I installed my new Liteon iHAS120 (“X” version) my system is having difficulties to post, although it works well and the drive performs acceptably. It’s only the POST what is affected.


  • Motherboard Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P = AMD 790FX + SB750 (ports: 2 PATA + 4 SATA in RAID + 2 SATA in IDE) + 2 JMB322 controllers (ports: 2 SATA in IDE each)

  • 2 HD’s in RAID 0 (2xWD6400AAKS, that are very good each one alone at serving data from different zones of the disk at the same time, let it alone 2 in RAID 0; in short, I don’t have HD bandwidth problems at all to feed the burners)

  • PATA DVD reader (Asus E818A)

  • PATA DVD recorder (Samsung SH-S202N)

  • SATA DVD recorder (Asus DRW-1814BLT), always connected to one of the SB750 ports in IDE (the slave one)

  • SATA DVD recorder (Liteon iHAS120 X), at first connected to the other SB750 port in IDE (the master one), today moved to the first JMB322’s master one. It has helped when using several burners at the same time, but it has not changed anything with the post.

    The point in having so many burners is recording partitions and files backups fast to 8x+RW and 6x-RW discs (for instance my games partition can be saved to 13 discs). I used to use two burners but I thought a third one was cheap and would help.

    Just after installing the drive, the system didn’t post at all (fans spinning, no beeps, no video). I fixed that clearing the motherboard CMOS. This system was stable before (and still is except for the POST problems), nothing is overclocked and it had never done this before.

    It’s consistently behaving this way now:

  • In any cold boot or reboot the PATA optical drives boot up with a characteristic noise. The Liteon recorder does its own sound but only in cold boots, not when rebooting. The Asus recorder is silent at POST time. Everything here is normal.

  • Cold boots are always successful in the first attempt, maybe 1 second slower POST than before installing the Liteon.
    - Reboots:
    — If the computer is still cool, normal.
    — If the computer is “warm”, 2 POST attempts that you can notice for the sounds of the PATA drives (they repeat their sound twice).
    — If the computer is “hot”, there can be more POST attempts (more repetitions of the PATA drives sounds).

    — Until now, it has always posted sooner or later (except the very first cold boot after installing the Liteon drive as described).

Simple questions:

  • What do I do with this drive? Is it wise having it installed in this state (good for the system hw health in the long or the short term)? Are these problems “normal” even if infrequent (I had never experienced them myself), or are they clearly abnormal and should be avoided if possible?

  • Are these POST difficulties enough to use the warranty? I can no longer return the drive (too many days have passed). I could also try to convince the vendor to do an exchange.