What Ide Controller Card for 4 Dvd Burners?

I am looking for a Ide controller card that will be running on a Nforce2 motherboard and was wondering what are my best choices. I will be running 4
dvd burners but no hard drives if that makes any difference. I have never used
one of these cards before but I have accumulated so many burners that it seems like my best option. Any help would be appreciatted.
Thanks, Budzos

I went with this one soley on the reviews. Just got it the other day and haven’t put it in yet. :rolleyes:IDE Card

Based on my experience, I’d suggest a card based on the [B]Sil0680[/B] chipset, like this one. Eventually flashed with a non-RAID firmware. :wink:
However, like for all additional PCI ide controllers, you could have problems with ODDs… on a card like that, I was [I]unable[/I] to use some NEC drives (ND-2500A for sure, ND-3500A IIRC) faster than MDMA2 mode…

The following (huge) thread could also help:

[B]IDE Controllers (The definitive Thread )[/B]



The price is right on the Sabrent eltranquil. I did read through the entire thread before I
posted but it seemed like there was no clear choice of one card that was a sure thing.
The reviews on the SIIG card seem very positive as well. Bryan S would you post your results when you get your SIIG card installed. I am not really in a hurry for this and maybe if the SIIG card doesn’t work for you I will try the Sabent for $20.00 otherwise I will try the SIIG also.
Thanks a bunch, as always somebody here is always ready to help, Budzos

Yo budzos-

Told ya that the responses would be better here-eh!

Will do good buddy. My case with 6 external 5 1/4" slots should be here today (Friday.) I’ll put the new rig together ASAP and give you a report on how it works. :slight_smile:

I have this SIIG SC-PE4B12 controller and it works fine with almost all my drives.

Drive that works fine in UDMA2/UDMA4: BenQ 1650, 1655, Plextor PX-716A, Pioneer, LG, Lite-On.

I cannot get these drives work in UDMA2: BenQ 1640, 1620 (?), Plextor 712A, NEC 3540, 4570.

I’ll have to remember that and not hook up my Benq 1620’s unless I’m feeling
Thanks, Budzos

Thanks Bryan, but don’t rush on my account, Just take your time and let me know how things work out.

I’ve installed an IDE card based on the SiL680 chip. Its running with XP and it automatically installed the driver for the RAID version. It will not install the non-RAID driver regardless of how many times I uninstall it and reinstall it, and I have offered it a CD containing only the non-RAID driver, which it does not accept.

It will run one CD drive at one time in its RAID mode but not two - either on the same IDE channel or split between channels - taking due care of the drive master/slave jumpers. If two CD drives are connected it simply hangs up early in the boot sequence.

I have read in a web posting that there is a jumper on the card (JP1) which dictates whether it operates in RAID (closed) or non-RAID (open). My card doesn’t have a jumper but does have a wire link labelled JP1. The posting suggested that cutting this JP1 link would cause the card to operate as a non-RAID IDE controller. I beieve these cards are generic and sold under many different brands so a solution would probably help a lot of people.

I don’t mind damaging a £12 card, but I would mind a lot if it damaged my motherboard - does anyone have experience of cutting this JP1 link?

You probably need to flash the BIOS on the card to the Non-Raid one first. That’s what I did with my cheap generic one.