What IDE channel and why?

I read differrent opinion about this. I personally have 2 HD on Primary Master and Primary Slave and a CD writer on Secondary Master and DVD writer on secondary slave. Do you think it is the most appropriate coupling?


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Did I post on the wrong section? I guess so…

I’d favour the DVD writer as secondary master, but unless having problems, I wouldn’t change it.

Actually, I’d favour using SATA hard drives, or SATA converters, and spreading the two optical drives out as Master on each standard IDE, especially if intending to copy CD to CD on the fly, or if you wanted to use both writers at the same time.

The current configuration is adequate for copying (not on the fly), writing to one writer from HD, and you’d probably get away with browsing the web or something else light while burning.

This what I often do, but, sorry for my (mis)understanding english, you mean that I can or I cannot browse the web while I am burning? Well, generally I do it. I know I’d better not to…
Concerning SATA, I have the motherboard in the sign. I tried several times to connect the HD that boots my system to the SATA but I had no luck! :sad: :frowning: It seems it does not see the HD and it doesn’t boot. I have the driver “Silicon Image Sil 3112 SATA RAID Controller” and everything works well. In BIOS everything I think is set up correctly but…
Any suggestions? :bow:

PS: Is it better to switch CD writer and DVD writers in IDE channel so that my 1633s becomes the secondary master and the LTR 48125w the secondary slave? What changes would I encounter?

You can usually put a light load on while burning (eg. web browsing) and be ok… Editing a word processor document would probably be ok too - with burnproof, you don’t have to stick to the old “do nothing else while burning” rule, but you should avoid anything which would cause more than occasional disk access and light CPU usage, though if the system is a little short of RAM, better to to avoid disturbing it.

If you switched the master/slave settings, the drive letters would swap - at least, they would under Win98SE, XP may handle things differently.

If it’s happy with the DVD writer as secondary slave, I’d let it be - it’s just that the secondary master position usually seems to offer better compatibility with hardware and software that has problems with slave - maybe it’s one of those old issues that faded away with better adherance to standards.

That’s transferring it to the SATA, on a converter?
There may be something left to do in the BIOS setup - for single, or non-raid drives on a RAID controller, it needs to be in JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) mode - that’s raid terminology for “non-raid” operation.

There may be a problem with the drive letter changing as well - Windows will not boot under those conditions, though the first controller to boot, should be taking letters from C onwards.

Thank you Matth! Now, that I just re-formatted and installed WinXP Pro Corp. in a very “lite” way, using an utility called nLite (it eliminates unused and useless services, unwanted Windows programs and a LOT of other things) I ended up with a OS that sucks me only a hundred of MB (including F-Prot and ZoneAlarm pro with web filtering resident in memory) I want to keep everything in order and have a good configuration. So I want to try again using SATA channel and earn another channel for a Maxtor I have full of DivX and XviD, in order to convert them in DVD :iagree:
I’ll let you know how it goes…

PS: have a look at Nuhi’s web page. You will find a lot of interesting stuff!

Ciao :wink:

Grab the VSO freeware to convert Divx to DVD - no hassle
As far as I know, 0.3.1 is still a free basic version, under development, and not a timed or crippled trial.