What I want to do is this

Hi Guys & Gals, looking for (Simple) help!:o
I want to create a picture DVD to be played on a DVD player/recorder, preferrably with the facility of being able to advance the pictures manually, whilst being viewed on a standard tv.:confused:
I have many pictures, and Windows 7 also Nero 9 and Photoshop7, Power point, and Windows DVD maker.
Using DVD maker I have created one disc, however it appears to be cycling through just 3 images.

Anyone with advice, please either give me (simple) instructions (I am a simple non tech guy) or maybe point me in the direction of the info I need.
Thanks for ANY help or guidance.

Why would you? Almost any common dvd player can playback jpeg files on their own. Why would you convert your pictures to the dvd video format?

It’s been a while since I used this last…Try it out if you like, can’t beat the cost…

Idea: If you have Windows 7, then you probably have the Windows DVD Maker. It is one of the easiest products to make dvd slideshows.

I will be obliged if you will remove the question I posted from the forum, It is clear from the responses posted that I have asked the wrong question in the wrong place. My level of ignorance clearly is too great for one contributor and I am unlikely to make any useful contribution to the forum.
Such a pity that I have caused such a problem on what should have been (to me) a useful resource. I hope others will have a better reaction.
I will unsubscribe in due course.
Sincerely and my apologies

Snapper2, I see no problems in the responses you’ve gotten. I believe Mr. B missed your reference to Windows DVD Maker in your original post, else he would not have offered it as a solution. He doesn’t deliberately try to bait or antagonize newcomers to the forum.

And t0nee1’s solution is also a viable choice. DVDSlideshowGUI should work for what you are trying to do.
Here is the link to the tutorials for DVDSlideshowGUI: http://download.videohelp.com/tin2tin/tutorials.html

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2587854]Snapper2, I see no problems in the responses you’ve gotten. I believe Mr. B missed your reference to Windows DVD Maker in your original post[/QUOTE]I am stupid! :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: I’m sorry.

Indeed. It seems you cannot manual skip to the next picture.

•To make the slide show and music last the same amount of time, select the Change slide show length to match music length check box.

The amount of time each picture displays is shown next to Picture length.

•To specify the duration for each picture to display in the slide show, clear the Change slide show length to match music length check box (if it’s selected), and then click the amount of time (in seconds) in the Picture length list for each picture to display.

Then again. I am not surprised it cannot. The “skipping” via a DVD movie schematic is done by using chapters. Your idea of manual going to a new picture can probably only realised by giving each picture its own chapter and do not allow automatic changing to the next chapter.

Tough challenge. I don’t think i have a solution.

P.S.: There is no need to send me private messages. You can reply here as much as you can.

You mentioned you found a solution.

I am, and hopefully more people on the forum are, quite interested in this solution. Would you like to share it with us?

[B][I]My problem has been resolved satisfactorially by a colleague who appreciated my lack of expertise on this subject.[/I][/B]
The quote is my [B][U]actual [/U][/B]words.
The colleague has asked me to provide the images sifted from my negative/transparency files as Jpegs on a CD after which he will provide a suitable DVD for my friend. I now have priorities, and should my colleague explain simply to me how he achieves the required result, I will of course be delighted to share his explanation with you. So although at this time I am not going to be actually doing the job myself, my problem has been resolved. If I understand his explanation I will do the job myself in the future.

My thanks to those who have contributed.